The advantages of a holiday home in Naples

According to a Confesercenti survey, last summer the numbers of Italians who prefer vacation home to hotels increased.
In this particular historical moment the vacation home becomes the most safe way to spend your holydays.

This is because we are asked to sanitize hands frequently and to keep the indoor spaces clean and ventilated in order to protect our respiratory tract. We are required to maintain safe food practices too and to avoid close encounter and very crowded places.

But there are also other reasons why it is better to prefer a holiday home to hotels.
The first advantages is undoubtedly “freedom”.
If you are staying at the hotels or a guest house you must respect the times schedule set by the structure:
get up and leave the room within a set time, have breakfast, lunch and/or dinner within a certain time.
In a holiday home, on the other hand, you can enjoy your stay in a different way.
You can be and feel carefree and independent. Primarily for freedom of movement: there are no restrictions on schedules and you can manage your time as you wish.
After all, after a year of early morning wakeup , why shouldn’t you enjoy your holidays as you really wish?
The other aspect is freedom in the kitchen. You choose what to shop and what to eat when you prefer without being bound to the menus and times of the hotels.

Holiday home Naples

Do the grocery shopping it is an additional opportunity to live the real life of the city, discovering producers and local markets, enjoying new products and learning new recipes!

Go out for dinner will be a pleasant and tempting diversion. Naples offers a lot from this point of view.

During your holiday you can have the luxury of not provide for the daily cleaning work, this respecting the property of course!

Last but not least, a huge advantage is the “savings” aspect.

A holiday home is certainly cheaper than a hotel room and represents the ideal solution for families with children or for groups who want to experience their period of leisure and rest under the sign of freedom.

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